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Q: What is ratGPU?
A: ratGPU is a free OpenCL ray tracing renderer. Currently it works for 3dsmax and Maya. It also includes a benchmark.
Q: Which are the minimum requisites to execute it?
A:  It should work with any NVIDIA GeForce 8 (or above) or ATI Radeon 5XXX ( or above ) with almost 512Mb of VRAM.
The operating systems supported are Windows, Ubuntu/Mint and MacOSX.
If you use ATI card you'll need the latest Catalyst drivers. Drivers prior to Catalyst 12 may hang ratGPU.

If you use an NVIDIA card you'll need the lastest Forceware 29X drivers or above ( the 19X, 25X and 26X have several problems with ratGPU ).
Q: Screenshots, please !
A: Well, here are some screenshots showing the normal's output, ambient occlusion and reflection/refraction/Fresnel/caustics
Normals image Cars AO image
Balls inside box Cornell box
Q: Any comment about the performance ?
A: Well, here is a graph showing some benchmark's results:

Benchmakr image

Q: How can I contact you?
A: Contact info
Q: Where can I download it?
A: Click over the corresponding download button here:
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